Our Employment Law department assists paid directors and corporate officers with negotiating their status and remuneration during a capital or governance reorganization or following voluntary or mandatory departures. The team designs a strategical approach on the basis of the conjunction of clients’ social and capitalistic interests.

Executives’ status and package

We help senior management to negotiate and to structure or set out their remuneration methods and their contractual status when they arrive at a group or following corporate transactions (LBOs, mergers, or IPOs), helping them to reposition themselves and to negotiate a new status and a modified pay structure. We also have a high level of expertise regarding international mobility issues with which directors are often faced, offering expatriation schemes that are suited to their professional constraints.

In addition, we help senior management team members when they leave their group, whether voluntarily or otherwise and whether in a pre-dispute or dispute context. Our knowledge of the world of LBOs allows us to give them advice that is in their best financial interests when they are faced with these difficult situations.

Collective incentive plans

Falling within the firm’s tradition of assisting senior management members with their share ownership issues, our firm has developed a complementary and integrated practice for implementing custom collective profit-sharing and employee savings plans.

These topics are dealt with cross-departmentally by the firm’s corporate, tax and employment teams, who have cutting-edge expertise in this subject and work together in a totally integrated fashion.

Restructuring and redundancy plans

We assist our clients with the implementation of procedures to adapt their workforce to an unfavourable economic and financial context (job preservation plans, voluntary redundancy plans, part-time employment, etc.).

Our close relationship with directors means that, at an early stage, we are able to put together custom staff reorganisation measures that are suited to their operational and financial constraints.

Relationships with social partners

We have strong expertise in implementing consultative procedures with staff representative bodies (such as Works Councils, Central Works Councils, and Health, Safety and Working Conditions Committees) stemming from the expertise that we have acquired throughout the many corporate transactions in which we have assisted management teams (LBOs, IPOs, concentrations, takeover bids, mergers, and spin-offs).

This strategy allows us to determine as far in advance as possible the strategy that is not only the most effective and best-suited to the context of the transaction but that is also secure, ensuring that the transaction takes place in the best possible way.

Track Record
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  • 2016LBO IV
  • 2016LBO III
  • 2016LBO I
  • 2016LBO II
  • 2016LBO IV
  • 2015LBO IV
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