Scotto & Associés is assisting managers of the Prezioso-Technilor group during its takeover by the investment fund Cinven

Press release 27 Jun 2012

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Paris, 27 June 2012

The acquisition of the Prezioso-Technilor group by the Cinven investment fund took place on 27 June 2012. Until this time, Prezioso-Technilor was owned by the investment fund Indigo.

Prezioso-Technilor is a specialist in the application of protective and insulating coatings in the energy (oil and gas, nuclear), industry and construction sectors. The group has 2,700 employees and reported a total turnover of €307 million in 2011.

SCOTTO & ASSOCIÉS, with a team formed of Lionel Scotto le Massese and Alexandra Pérette for the legal aspects and including our tax team, assisted some of the managers with the transfer of their shares to the Cinven fund.